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"I think service-wise, MirrorWeb is really going that step further."

The Clifford Group

Learn all about Gregory Clifford, The Clifford Group Founder & CEO's experience ingesting his historical communications data into the MirrorWeb platform.


Greg was initially using an alternative archiving vendor, which was just a temporary solution while he got The Clifford Group up and running. However, the compliance consultant he works with was not thrilled at the use of this vendor. Having identified MirrorWeb as an alternative and signed for our services, a data export/ingest was required to consolidate the company records and satisfy regulators’ retention requirements.


Greg spoke to MirrorWeb Customer Success Team Lead, Evie, for guidance. She was immediately very responsive and provided clear instructions for the simple steps of the process; namely to export the data from the previous vendor (which the vendor themselves can take care of) and then share that data with our servers securely, through a simple drag-and-drop. Greg wasn’t initially aware of how the process worked, but Evie ‘took care of everything’ and kept him informed throughout.


The Clifford Group’s data ingest went off without a hitch, with the process completing in just 48 hours. This meant that Greg was now ready to finish his onboarding with some bespoke platform training, which complemented the recorded walkthroughs provided. Greg was grateful for both options, with the video guides particularly useful to share with his compliance team.  

“I spoke to another leading provider about conducting a data ingest. I had a phone call with somebody, with no visuals, and then follow-up was really slow. On the other hand, Evie was just on top of it the whole time and I was walked through everything in every meeting. So I think service-wise, MirrorWeb is really going that step further.”

Gregory Clifford, Founder & CEO

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