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“Put it this way, I can sleep at night knowing MirrorWeb is doing its job.”

Arcadia Funds

Learn all about Reed Savory, Arcadia Funds' Chief Technologist & CISO's experience archiving the company's website, email, mobile, instant messaging, and social media data with MirrorWeb.


Reed was unimpressed with the previous vendor’s customer service and found that their UI was outdated, making it difficult for the compliance team to find what they were looking for. The product would also stop archiving at random, meaning that it couldn’t be relied on.

At this point, a regulatory crackdown on mobile channels had begun. It was Reed’s role to find a new solution that maximized the platforms that could be used compliantly.


MirrorWeb was recommended to Reed by an outside compliance auditor. He spoke to the team, sat a demo and liked what he saw, as well as the service provided. He initially decided to capture email and social media (Microsoft Teams), but has since added a variety of other channels, including the mobile platforms now receiving so much attention from the SEC. Reed was not prepared to limit the communication channels through which Arcadia Funds’ clients could communicate with the team.


Reed has noted a vast improvement in the platform user experience, as well as engaged, dedicated customer service through onboarding and beyond. He feels 'listened to’ whenever he speaks to the team, and that they are always flexible and open to his feedback and suggestions. Most importantly, he can rely on the platform to do its job and demonstrate compliance if the regulator comes knocking.

“Whenever we've asked for something, MirrorWeb have  been totally upfront and honest with us. If it was something our contact couldn't answer, they'd work with us to come up with a solution - to the point of adding new services to support our needs. In fact, everyone we've worked with at MirrorWeb has had that same attitude. We couldn't be more pleased with our partnership with them.”

Reed Savory, Chief Technologist & CISO

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