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"Unlike a lot of SaaS, MirrorWeb runs just as it was sold"

Smith Bruer Advisors

Learn all about Smith Bruer Chief Compliance Officer Steven Hiraga's experience archiving web, email, and social media with MirrorWeb.


Steven wasn’t completely satisfied with Smith Bruer’s previous vendor, having ended up with them as it was simply ‘the done thing’ in the industry. He was unimpressed by the standard of customer service, as well as the user-friendliness of the product interface. As a result, Steven was happy to learn about any new solutions.


MirrorWeb reached out to Steven at a good moment, when it was time to do his research on alternative vendors. He was impressed by our existing stable of clients, and excited by our relationship with Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA), who Smith Bruer also work closely with. He had extra confidence in MirrorWeb, having been acquainted with the rigorous nature of DFA’s due diligence process. He was also able to lean on this existing relationship to get some honest feedback on Mirrorweb, which was helpful in accelerating the deal.


Today, MirrorWeb archives Smith Bruer’s website, email, and social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Steven has noted an upgrade in both the look and the user experience of the platform, and has been able to save a lot of time through its intuition and ease of use. He has also been majorly impressed by our customer service, citing an easy onboarding process and a great relationship with his agent. He adds that unlike with many SaaS demos, the MirrorWeb platform runs ‘just as it was sold.’

“So far it’s been great. In terms of the product, it looks a lot more modern and the interface is a huge improvement. It’s intuitive and looks how websites should look. With the previous provider, I’d have to go through training every time I wanted to change something. With MirrorWeb, we had one training when it came to setting up my email monitoring, and that’s all it took. I was able to set things up easily from then on”

Steven Hiraga, Chief Compliance Officer

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