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"The efficiency of communication and getting answers from MirrorWeb is really helpful."

Crown Wealth Group

Learn all about Crown Wealth Group CEO, Co-Founder and CCO Nick Kolbenschlag's experience archiving the company's email and social media with MirrorWeb.


Nick was using an alternative, leading vendor for three years, but was frustrated by the standard of customer service. There was no human contact, and so when he needed help (setting something up, adding a new user, re-learning a feature etc) he’d be directed to a library of self-help videos to review. He didn’t consider this an effective method for learning to use the platform.

There were also some issues around pricing as his company grew, and the product itself was clunky and unintuitive. He couldn’t rectify this with training due to the lack of human support.


Nick spoke to our Sales Manager, Tom, and was given a platform demo. He was looking for a better product that would also be more affordable, but was willing to accept just one of those. Having sat the demo and observed the pricing, it was clear to Nick that he’d be getting both.

Crown Wealth Group promptly signed for email and social media archiving (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), before seeing out their contract with the existing provider and making the switch.


The onboarding and training process was ‘super smooth’. Nick was able to ask his CSM specific questions about how he wanted to use the platform, and really benefited from the personal approach. Nick has also noted that the platform is more intuitive and easier to navigate visually, making it far simpler to use and reducing his demands as Chief Compliance Officer.

"When I need something, a PERSON is willing to jump on a screen-share and help me. It's very effective because you get your answer quickly and accurately, and you can move on from that. Nobody wants to spend much time on compliance. The efficiency of communication and getting answers from MirrorWeb is really helpful."

Nick Kolbenschlag, CEO, Co-Founder & CCO

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