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“It’s been really smooth. Maggie, Moureen and the team have been great."

RIA, $2.9 billion (AUM)

Learn all about Chief Compliance Officer Clint's experience archiving web, email, SMS and social media with MirrorWeb.


Clint was open to a new data archiving solution having encountered turnover issues with his previous vendor. With such frequent changes of personnel, it was difficult to develop meaningful working relationships with his support agents. As a result, Clint didn’t feel confident that he’d be able to access the information that he needed quickly, should regulators request it.


MirrorWeb reached out to Clint, who was impressed by our stable of clients. He conferred with his technology team, who liked the product, and requested a pricing quote. He was further impressed by the 20% decrease in cost, but the thoroughness of the onboarding process was what sealed the deal. MirrorWeb committed to taking care of all of the heavy lifting, to avoid taking capacity which Clint couldn’t spare.


Now, Clint's advisory archives their website, email, SMS messaging and social media platforms (including Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn and Facebook) with MirrorWeb. The platform has worked quickly and easily for Clint at all times, and he’s developed a great relationship with the team, who have never been difficult to reach despite the time difference. In fact, you can find him catching up with our Head of Sales about assorted sporting activity over any given weekend. 

“It’s been really smooth. The application has worked well and Maggie, Moureen and the team have been great. They’ve been attentive and taken a lot of responsibility, which meant that I was willing to make a change. Otherwise, there’s no way I could have managed that.”

Clint, Chief Compliance Officer

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