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"The service and the relationships with the team at MirrorWeb have been second to none."

Co-Operative Insurance

Learn all about Web Content Manager Elliot Millward's experience archiving the company website with MirrorWeb.


Working in the UK insurance sector, Co-op Insurance is regulated by the FCA, and so there are certain requirements that the organization needs to meet. One of those is the ability to easily access previous versions of their website. Elliot was investigating the possibility of migrating their existing content management system, while also looking around for different options on the market that would fulfil the archiving function effectively.


At this point Elliot came across the MirrorWeb solution. It captured more dynamic content than the CMS in place at the time, and gave a holistic view of the whole website capture. The MirrorWeb platform provides assurance that daily archives are created and can be referenced ad infinitum. He needed a solution that would work effectively when it was needed, and that would go about its business without necessarily requiring a great level of attention or expertise from the user.


Co-op Insurance's main considerations were the improved product UI and the level of attention they received from the MirrorWeb Customer Success Team. From that point, the platform has been used to capture and store website iterations on a daily basis over the past 12 months, ensuring that FCA regulations are definitively adhered to.

“The service and the relationships with the team at MirrorWeb have been second to none, and issues are always dealt with quickly on the rare occasion that they do crop up. The archive information is always available for you when you need it; it's not loud and in your face, but it’s there working for you, humming away in the background, doing its thing discreetly.”

Elliot Millward, Web Content Manager

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