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"MirrorWeb has the full suite of capabilities that we need, and more.”

Red Tortoise

Learn all about Red Tortoise Principal & Chief Compliance Officer Bill McVay's experience hosting, encrypting and archiving email with MirrorWeb.


Red Tortoise was using a CRM which didn’t offer much by way of archiving services, so they knew that a change was needed in order to comply with SEC regulations. Also, their separate email encryption vendor couldn’t facilitate some basic requirements. Bill noted that in his experience it had never worked out well with this vendor, citing a pattern of limited expertise and poor communication across departments. 


Pressure from the SEC around text message archiving finally prompted Bill to look for a unified vendor for email hosting, encryption and data archiving. Red Tortoise first heard about MirrorWeb at an industry function. Bill then booked a product demo and liked what he saw from a usability perspective. He also considered another of the leading vendors, but felt that MirrorWeb were ‘more on the ball’ and that our personal touch was more appealing to Red Tortoise. 


In February 2022, Red Tortoise signed with MirrorWeb for email hosting, encryption and archiving services, with website and text message archiving to follow. The platform has worked effectively for Red Tortoise so far, with Bill impressed by the product itself and the efficiency of the switchover, noting swift availability and great ease of connection whenever anything needed to be resolved.

“Email hosting, archiving and encryption have all worked great; we’re going to expand on the archiving. The fact that it works exactly like I thought it should is really helpful, I find it very user-friendly. I think that MirrorWeb has the full suite of capabilities that we need, and more.”

Bill McVay, Principal & Chief Compliance Officer

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