How Irish Distillers are preserving their key brands with MirrorWeb.

“MirrorWeb is helping us preserve the Jameson Irish Whiskey digital presence with their archiving capability. Together, we’re ensuring that Jameson’s digital heritage is never lost and that our next generation of marketers can use the archives as a source of inspiration.”

Jean-William Cousin, Head of Marketing and Sales Solutions, Irish Distillers


Preserving iconic brands for generations to come.

Today's brands use digital communication channels to primarily speak, market and connect with customers. With their stories now being told through a digital lens, brands are waking up to the reality that everything not saved will be lost, putting their brand identity, history and heritage at risk. Two years ago, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard identified this very challenge. They wanted to preserve the digital presence of their historic brands for the future – such as Jameson whiskey - ensuring their digital identity and history is never lost.

Limited Existing Tech Solutions
Limited Existing Tech Solutions

With traditional archiving solutions unable to capture complex digital web content, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard sought a web archiving solution that could meet their needs and ensure long-term preservation.

Trademark Infringement & IP At Risk
At Risk Of Trademark Infringement

Irish Distillers recognised that disappearing digital assets opened the door for trademark infringement and risks associated with intellectual property, costing them dearly in the future.

Inexistent Web Records
Inexistent Web Records

Obtaining accurate web archives were essential to ensure they had valid records of what was communicated to customers and when - supporting dispute resolution and ensuring digital assets are never lost.


An archiving platform to capture and preserve their brand websites.

Using MirrorWeb’s archiving platform, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard is able to automate the entire web archiving process, ensuring their brand websites are captured, archived and replayable at any time. The web archives serve as immutable records of what was communicated publicly, giving them full confidence in what was communicated and when. Plus, to support any potential dispute resolution or legal cases, every archived file is timestamped and signed with a digital signature to prove authenticity.  

The MirrorWeb Platform - Jameson Web Archives


Websites captured and retained for the future

With the MirrorWeb Platform, Irish Distillers have been able to create a lasting and scalable archive of its online brand history. MirrorWeb’s intelligent crawl technology captured Irish Distillers’ expansive online presence and created lasting storage of its brand websites.



An archiving solution built for the digital age

The web archives are all sorted on AWS S3, built on a dedicated server infrastructure across multiple availability zones for the highest possible speed and stability. The archive is also fully searchable through Elasticsearch, allowing Irish Distillers to filter through its brands' online history at any time.