Legal and e-Discovery

Learn how to identify, manage and mitigate the risks and costs associated with e-Discovery in federal civil courts. MirrorWeb's web crawlers will pore over your entire digital footprint, capturing all pertinent data.

Present evidence. Get results.

In some industries, e-Discovery can mean suddenly being compelled to produce six years worth of electronic records. MirrorWeb's web crawlers will pore over your entire digital footprint, never missing an update. We'll maintain your data in an immutable manner - the metadata assuring that files have not been tampered with, deleted or otherwise altered.

Prove what was said when with MirrorWeb.

  • Dynamic web content

    MirrorWeb can capture dynamic web content, single page applications, and other complex website content. Set schedules, or - for specific legal casework - request a special one-off capture.

  • Modern communications

    MirrorWeb's unified compliance platform can capture email, mobile communications, social media content, and more. Ensure that you can respond to e-Discovery requests in a timely and complete fashion with our Legal Hold capabilities.

  • Legally-admissible evidence

    All of our records are written in legally-admissible formats like WARC/ISO28500. We know proving the integrity of your data is critical to your legal posture, and we've built our systems with these requirements in mind.


See for yourself why MirrorWeb is trusted for legal workloads

With our best in class website archiving and constantly evolving platform capture capabilities, there's a good reason why firms with legal and e-discovery requirements  trust MirrorWeb to capture and store their data.
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