Government and Preservation

MirrorWeb is the official archivist to some of the most prestigious government organizations in the world, capturing their digital real estate to meet record-keeping requirements.

We protect the history of nations.

MirrorWeb works with governments, national libraries, NGOs, and universities to capture and preserve their digital history. With over a million crawls launched in the past 5 years, MirrorWeb operates dynamic web archiving technologies at scale for organizations entrusted with our shared digital legacy.

Click below to see some of our public web archives:

Give future archaeologists a hand.

  • Dynamic web content

    MirrorWeb can capture dynamic web content, single page applications, and other complex website content. Our web archives are all stored in WARC/ISO28500 standard, and are easily portable into any other preservation system.

  • Social media capture

    MirrorWeb's unified compliance platform can capture email, mobile communications, social media content, and more. From Government department Twitter accounts to NGO YouTube content, we've got you covered.

  • Publication capabilities

    Want to share your web and social media archives with the world? Trust MirrorWeb. Our public frontend technology is used by high-profile clients across the world.


See for yourself why governments trust MirrorWeb

With our best in class website and social media preservation capabilities, MirrorWeb's here to help you with your archival and preservation workloads.
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They did it with MirrorWeb

MirrorWeb protects the history of nations. Read about how some of our clients get the job done with MirrorWeb.
The National Archives

Learn all about The National Archives Digital Director John Sheridan's experience archiving web and social media with MirrorWeb.

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