Case Study

How a global asset manager met website compliance requirements and improved operational efficiency.

The MirrorWeb Platform gives us retrievable records that can be used in the event of a regulatory investigation or customer complaint. High fidelity web and social archives are key to proving we’re compliant.

Digital solutions lead
Digital Solutions Lead, Global Asset Management Firm

The challenge

Capturing and archiving web channels for a global asset management firm.

One of the UK’s largest global asset managers, overseeing billions in AUM, faced a series of challenges to remain compliant. They needed to archive all websites across the organisation, covering 70+ countries along with a network of intermediaries and third-party brokers. Additionally, there was a need to archive webpages the moment they're published, ensuring digital content is captured instantly to meet record-keeping requirements.

Limited Internal Resource

With content constantly being updated, changed or removed across their entire website estate, the firm struggled to capture accurate daily website records, opening them up to the risk of non-compliance.

Increased Compliance Costs

In an attempt to meet regulatory rules, the firm employed staff to monitor and capture website records manually. Not only was this was a significant resource burden, but the records didn't meet compliance requirements.

Audit Readiness

The firm had no way of accessing records instantly. Evidencing what was published on their websites and when was key if an audit or investigation was required.

The solution

A platform to capture and archive web channels at scale.

Using MirrorWeb’s archiving platform, this firm can now capture fully compliant records of their websites. Every daily web archive is captured based on geo-location, device and includes dynamic content such as personalisation. Once archived, the records can be replayed, searched, and filtered through at any time in the platform.

Every website is captured, archived and replayable

The MirrorWeb Platform now archives all of the websites across the organisation, amounting to over 100 websites that cover 70+ countries. Using our cloud tech each individual archived file ensures data sovereignty and provides an immutable record of all digital communications.

Compliance confidence delivered

All website records are now held in a timestamped, source proof format (known as an ISO28500, WARC file) and signed with a SHA1 digital signature to prove authenticity. Plus, with MirrorWeb's ISO 90001 and ISO27001 accreditations, the client has full assurances that their data is stored securely and efficiently.

Costs driven down & quality archives assured

Previously, the client had employed several people to monitor, screenshot and store their digital content to satisfy the regulatory requirements. The process was labour intensive, open to error and impossible to maintain due to the wealth of content published daily. Now with the MirrorWeb Platform, the entire process is automated and with rapid support from MirrorWeb's in-house QA team, the firm was able to drive down resource costs across the business whilst ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

Supports eDiscovery and legal operations

With MirrorWeb, our customer now has the ability to create policies and groups that support existing eDiscovery operations - all through a fully searchable platform where they can control, export and interrogate data quickly and easily. Access can also easily be provided to third-parties, such as regulators or intermediaries, ensuring you're in total control of your archives.

ISO-Certified & WORM Compliant Archives

Every archived file is time-stamped, immutable and stored in an ISO-compliant format to ensure authenticity and legal acceptance.

Automated Archiving

You define the frequency. Daily, weekly or monthly crawls for your website and social media channels.

Replay Your Websites

Our crawl tech beats the rest. Replay your websites and social media channels with full pixel-for-pixel accuracy.

Download Your Archives

All of your archives are available as a downloadable PNG or PDF to support your record-keeping processes.

A Single Searchable Archive

All digital assets are fully indexed and searchable in the platform, making it easier than ever to find online records and content.

Cloud RegTech Solution

Our cloud-based platform is light touch, requiring no infrastructure costs or extra resource burdens on customers.

Content Comparison

Identify specific content in your archive and review changes with our content comparison tool.

eDiscovery Support

All archived web and social content can be made available to eDiscovery professionals, litigators and other third parties for investigative purposes.

Data Sovereignty

Stay in total control of your data by choosing where it's archived, ensuring full compliance with ISO standards.