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The Negative Impacts of not Using Social Media Archiving

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MirrorWeb explains the impacts of not using social media archiving to record communications

While social media archiving may be normal practice for a number of businesses, there are still many that do not understand the importance of having a robust solution in place at all times. However, as the following points outlay, there can be a number of detrimental effects if a reliable social media archiving solution isn’t in place.

A Business Can Sacrifice Their Version of Events

Although social media posts can remain in sight for some time, this isn’t always the case. A number of changes Implemented within social network platforms can mean that the content can be lost forever. What’s more, a business can sacrifice its take on a scenario, if it is unable to gain access to any social media content that relates to a case made against the business, then it could ill-prepared.

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A Business Could Lose Traction When Communicating with Customers

In the past, a business will have been able to retain its communication with customer by analysing data in a uniformed way. However, social media is now the king of communications between businesses and customers, and most communication takes place real-time, for the world to see.

As such, a new approach has to be taken when it comes to monitoring our communications with customers. Failing to archive the data contained could mean a business losing vital data as to how its social media posts are connecting with customers, meaning that faults are unmonitored, and things working well are overlooked.

Unarchived Social Media Could Be Costly for a Business

As well as the legal ramifications, not having social media content archived could also be costly for a business in the long run. It has been reported that an IT professional can take up to 40 hours of searching through social media content in the event of a claim. Not only does this mean a great deal of time is being invested into a singular task, but it could mean that the company has to employ people to deal with such cases, or pay current employees overtime.

Evidently, having social media archived is a cost-effective method in more ways than one. Regardless of whether you run a singular social network account, or a vast number of them. Having your social media archived means that you are able to examine communications clearly, and be confident that you’re in the best position possible when it comes to any cases raised against the business.

Find out more in our free ebook, A Guide to Social Media Archiving.



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