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Feature Spotlight: Privileged and Marketing Addresses

Sean Stapleton

Today, we’re adding marketing address support to our existing privileged address functionality on MirrorWeb Insight, our new communications surveillance platform. Insight was launched in May, to tackle the digital record-keeping requirements of the modern workplace.

What’s it for?

Privileged addresses belong to individuals whose messages contain sensitive information, such as outside legal counsel. These need to be excluded from many reviews for privacy purposes, and so the capability is a common feature in surveillance platforms.

Marketing addresses are typically excluded from reviews as they clutter searches with marketing material, such as company newsletters. This information doesn’t require inclusion from a compliance perspective, and gets in the way of an efficient email review process. We’ve decided to add marketing addresses to our message tagging functionality, putting our own spin on a familiar feature.

Message filtering allows compliance officers to tailor searches and exclude these messages, acting as a safeguard for privileged addresses and a spam filter for marketing addresses.

Why is it useful? 

  • Separation of privileged and marketing content: The ability to mark emails as marketing/newsletter content is an uncommon feature, and one which will be welcomed by compliance teams keen to streamline their review process.
  • Whole-domain filtering: Our ‘wildcard’ feature enables the reviewer to mark whole domains as privileged or marketing content, instead of doing so on the basis of individual addresses. This will significantly reduce the workload of compliance officers responsible for managing privileged and marketing content lists.
  • Adding privileged and marketing addresses from search: Quickly marking material as privileged/marketing content is an oft-requested feature by our clients. Check out the clip below to learn how easily you can configure message filtering from within archive searches on MirrorWeb Insight, excluding the sender or domain from all subsequent lexicon policies.

As we’ve stressed since its launch, many of Insight’s features have been borne out of customer-driven innovation. We’ll continue to share updates as useful features and additional platforms are added!

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