Updates from MirrorWeb on the world of archiving.

Introducing Archive Compare

Next in our MirrorWeb Insight Feature Spotlight series, we'll take you through Archive Compare.

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What does ChatGPT mean for digital archiving?

With the emergence of ChatGPT, the digital landscape has again shifted dramatically. But what are the implications of this breakthrough, and how will it impact data archiving?

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Why should Universities archive their digital content in 2023?

The COVID-19 pandemic had a tremendous impact on Higher Education. To drive long-term success, universities need to take proactive steps to capture, protect and future-proof their data.

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WARCs, screenshots, and PDFs: what's the difference?

Web archiving has become an essential aspect of preserving your digital communications for presentation to regulators and legal teams.

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2023 Data Archiving Trends

A look at the factors shaping digital archiving in 2023, and where it is heading.

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What License Type Do I Need in Order to Archive Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft has recently updated the licensing requirements for compliance vendors capturing data from their Teams platform.

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