Updates from MirrorWeb on the world of archiving.

2023 Data Archiving Trends

A look at the factors shaping digital archiving in 2023, and where it is heading.

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What License Type Do I Need in Order to Archive Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft has recently updated the licensing requirements for compliance vendors capturing data from their Teams platform.

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A Guide to Website Archiving 2023

We look at some of the specific challenges around website archiving in three different sectors - financial services, the public sector and brands - and how the MirrorWeb solution can help.

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How to select and use an SMS archiving solution

Organizations need an SMS archive for more than just compliance. MirrorWeb can help.

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What is Cloud Archiving software?

Cloud archiving software enables the effective long-term storage and retrieval of data.

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Social Media eDiscovery tools help companies remain compliant and reduce liability

Social Media eDiscovery tools are essential for many businesses to stay out of legal trouble.

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