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Introducing Archive Compare

Sean Stapleton

Today we’re excited to launch Web Archive Compare, a powerful new feature for our communications surveillance platform, MirrorWeb Insight. Insight was launched in May to tackle the digital record-keeping requirements of the modern workplace. It includes our best-in-class website archiving technology alongside text, email, social media and other communications surveillance, all under a single pane of glass.

What’s it for?

The purpose of Archive Compare is to allow compliance and legal teams to review content on a webpage between two given dates.  

This comparison is important for when they receive a specific document request for a given page, and need to be able to quickly compare the two versions.

We’ve developed Archive Compare to ensure this can be done quicker and more easily than ever before.

Why is it useful? 

There are two key modes to Archive Compare.

With Visual Mode, users can view the two pages side-by-side and scroll up and down to see the visual differences between the captures. Perhaps the images are different, or it might be that some of the text is missing. By overlaying the web content and sync scrolling, this will immediately become apparent. It looks cool too!

We also have Text Mode. Here we extract each capture’s text content and display them side by side, so you can go in and view any text changes between the two dates highlighted right away.

Users can access Archive Compare from their daily web capture, where they can select a URL from that day's crawl to begin a comparison. Alternatively, they can launch one from within the replay itself. So if a user is browsing on any given page, they can then compare that to a previous iteration of that webpage.  

The ability to access Archive Compare through different pathways really helps to streamline the user workflow, as does the variety of modes mentioned above.  

Archive Compare looks much more exciting in practice, so take a look at the teaser below to see for yourself!

There’s plenty more to come from Insight as we continue to hone our feature set. Stay tuned for further updates.

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