Website Archiving

What is website archiving and how to archive your online channels.

Learn about website archiving and how you can preserve immutable web records for compliance and digital preservation.

What is website archiving?

What is website archiving?


If you're asking 'what is website archiving?' You've come to the right place. Website archiving is the process of automatically collecting websites and the assets they contain and preserving them in a lasting digital archive.

To achieve this, a 'web crawler' is used to crawl a website, extracting and saving all of the assets and information (learn more about this process here). 

Web archiving is the only way of capturing digital records in a form that’s timestamped and immutable, allowing organisations to replay their websites from a specific point in time.

Why should you archive your websites?


Why should you archive your websites?

An IGI survey found that 98% of organisations have online data they need to keep - or want to keep - for more than ten years.  The cited reasons include:

  • Statutory, regulatory and/or legal obligations
  • Litigation and eDiscovery support
  • Digital preservation and brand legacy
  • Intellectual property protection
  • For cultural and historical significance.

This isn't an exhaustive list either, organisations are getting more from their web archives today, recognising multiple uses in how they manage, supervise, and govern their online channels.

How do you archive a website? | MirrorWeb


How do you archive a website?

Due to limited resource and technology, organisations often adopt external archiving solutions. Through an automated service, firms are then able to capture the required records (you can find more detail here).

However, many archiving vendors struggle to capture the modern web due to its complexity and size, instead offering a 'catch-all' solution for multiple channels that's both ineffective and inefficient.

The biggest challenges behind website archiving


The biggest challenges behind website archiving

Accuracy - Due to the complexity of modern websites, capturing a website with accuracy has become a struggle for many businesses and service providers.

Replayability - Archiving the assets that make up a website is one thing, but being able to replay a fully interactive website (exactly as it appeared) isn't easy.

Storage - Due to a lack of innovation, many organisations are still using legacy archiving systems that result in huge storage costs and limited scaleability.

Spotlight: How is a web archive
different to a backup?


Archive your websites with MirrorWeb.

The MirrorWeb Platform - Dashboard


MirrorWeb is able to capture and archive all of your websites no matter the size, no matter the complexity. Following capture, we bring them into a single archiving platform where you can then replay, search and interrogate them at any time.

To put things into context, we've:

  • Archived over 8 million web pages
  • Created 45,000 web archives
  • Archived over 400TB of data
  • Serviced over 1.3 billion visits a month through our public archives.

Prevent website compliance risk.

Capture websites with personalisation | MirrorWeb


Every archive is time-stamped, immutable and held as legally admissible records that you own. All records are ISO/WORM compliant and can be accessed on-demand. 

Answer your regulatory requirements across:

  • Record-Keeping: FINRA, SEC, FCA, ESMA and MiFID.
  • Accessibility: ACA, CMA.
  • Legal: Rule 901 Authenticating Evidence, BS 10008.
  • Public Sector: UK Public Records Act, Freedom of Information Act.

Protect your business for the future.



Whether you need to meet compliance requirements, eDiscovery demands, or ensure digital preservation, we deliver peace of mind by providing web records that protect your organisation.

Get as much detail as you need - access advanced crawl reports that include a full breakdown of MIME types and meta-data, giving you the ability to extract and dissect web data like never before.


The Essential Guide to Website Archiving

Learn what website archiving is, why it's crucial to compliance and how you can archive your web presence.


“MirrorWeb helps us meet compliance requirements with their archiving capability. Through their platform, we’re able to prove what financial promotions were displayed on our website from any date.”

Digital Marketing & Partnership Executive

The key features of our platform.

ISO28500 Compliant Records
ISO28500 Compliant Records

All archives are time-stamped, hashed and stored in the ISO28500 standard WARC file (WORM) format.

Replayable Archives
Replayable Archives

The client portal gives you control over your archives and enables you to replay any website content at any time.

A Single Searchable Archive
A Single Searchable Archive

Full text search across your entire archive and daily digest/comparison reports on all website content.

Content Comparison
Content Comparison

Identify specific content in your archive and review changes with our content comparison tool.

Automated Archiving
Automated Archiving

You define the frequency. Daily, weekly or monthly crawls for your website and social media channels.

eDiscovery Support
eDiscovery Support

All archived website content can be made available to eDiscovery professionals, litigators and other third parties for investigative purposes.

Data Sovereignty
Data Sovereignty

Stay in total control of your data by choosing where it's archived, ensuring full compliance with ISO standards.

Cloud Solution
Cloud Solution

Our cloud-based platform is light touch, requiring no infrastructure costs or extra resource burdens on customers.

Download Your Archives
Download Your Archives

All of your archives are available as a downloadable PNG or PDF to support your record-keeping processes.

Our platform is trusted globally.

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