The Essential Guide to Website Archiving

Learn what website archiving is, why it's crucial to compliance and how you can archive your web presence.

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"98% of organisations have data they need to keep - or want to keep - for more than ten years".

In this new and improved eGuide, we define exactly what website archiving is, the common misconceptions around archiving, and explore the multiple benefits for organisations in supporting regulatory compliance, long-term preservation and digital oversight.

Plus, you'll also learn how you can start archiving your websites now and replay them at any time, ensuring you always have access to the 'digital truth'. 

With organisations recognising that digital fragility is a growing risk, they're faced with the prospect that online information sources are being lost and opening the door for trademark infringement or regulatory crackdowns, costing them heavily in the future.

Within the guide, you'll also learn why screenshots and backups aren't legally admissible records of digital content as they're not tamperproof or timestamped and how archiving is helping organisations solve this immediate challenge.

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