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Partnership options

MirrorWeb offers a flexible working relationship to suit our partners. Choose between a commercial or non-commercial referral model, or act as a managed service reseller.

Why MirrorWeb?

MirrorWeb has structured a team around our core principles - pricing, product, and people - to show immediate improvements to customers who switch.

  • Pricing - MirrorWeb is far more competitively
    priced than other leading vendors.
  • Product -  Our product set evolves with demand and
    captures all digital communication channels that your
    customers will be using.
  • People - Our Onboarding and Customer Success teams get you up and running and ensure you get the most out of theplatform.

"The most pleasant and professional onboarding I've ever been involved in during my 20+ years in IT"

"We've now wrapped up the onboarding and I wanted to send a thank you for one of, if not the most pleasant and professional onboardings I've ever been involved in during my 20+ years in IT.

The team had an excellent grasp on the product, and attention to detail was impeccable. It's refreshing to work with a PM that not only knows the product inside out, but has direct contact with development to get answers.

Given the six-hour time difference, the team were always in communication. We have trouble with US companies responding IN HOURS, so this was impressive.

Thank you for making the move to your platform so enjoyable."

Jared Arnold, CIO, Advisors Excel

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