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A Guide to Website Archiving

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A free eBook for organisations to learn how website archiving can help meet compliance, legal and digital preservation requirements in an era of online communications

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In this eBook you will learn:

  • Why website archiving is important in the digital age to maintain online content
  • The common barriers that can stop organisations from archiving their website
  • The benefits of website archiving for different organisations

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An introduction to website archiving
Website archiving guide

Website archiving is essential for organisations to record, retain and manage their online content

As more information is published on the web, it creates a challenge for those in industries such as financial services, public sector organisations and FMCG brands to not only keep up with the amount of data being published, but to also keep a true record of it all.

Website archiving is the only way for businesses to store immutable records of their website content in order to meet their compliance, legal or digital preservation requirements as needed.

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