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Lexicon Policy

A lexicon policy is a set of rules and guidelines established within an organization to regulate the use of specific words, phrases, or terminology in communications.

More about Lexicon Policies:

In the context of communications compliance, a lexicon policy serves as a tool for managing language and terminology in both internal and external communications. These policies are particularly useful in industries with strict regulatory requirements, such as finance, healthcare, or legal services.

By implementing lexicon policies, organizations can minimize compliance risks, ensure messaging consistency, and protect their reputation. Often, compliance officers within financial services will run daily or weekly searches on all content flagged by lexicon policies to allow them to ensure no rules are being breached.

MirrorWeb Insight allows compliance officers and legal staff to create advanced lexicon policies and dictionaries, reducing time taken to carry out compliance reviews. For a deep dive into lexicon in MirrorWeb Insight, check out our support guide.


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