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MirrorWeb launches new ‘Insight’ platform 

Sean Stapleton

AUSTIN, Texas — 05.15.23MirrorWeb today launches the new communications archiving platform, ‘Insight’, to definitively tackle the digital record-keeping requirements of the modern workplace.

The platform has been built to rethink every aspect of the compliance experience, arriving on the back of significant regulatory upheaval in the US. In November 2022, the Securities Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) new marketing rule became mandatory, bringing digital communications within their scope. Meanwhile, mobile communications has come under special scrutiny, with regulators issuing over $2 billion in fines in 2022 for the illicit use of apps like WhatsApp.

Jamie Hoyle, MirrorWeb SVP of Product, stated:  “We’re extremely excited to launch MirrorWeb Insight, which will revolutionize the archiving space. The platform has been built from the ground up to deal with the compliance challenges of today, focusing on customer-driven innovation to streamline the modern compliance experience.”

“We’ve spent the last 6 months tirelessly speaking to firms across the Financial Services space, from small RIA’s through to Broker Dealers and large Asset Managers, to understand what they need. Whilst some of these user cases requirements differ, the fundamentals remain the same; firms need a solution that guarantees security, that’s reliable, that’s user friendly, that scales with them, and ultimately delivers efficiencies through time and cost savings.  Whilst it’s not a particularly elaborate ‘shopping list’, the feedback is consistent; they’re struggling to find an offering that delivers on these.”

“MirrorWeb Insight was built on this wish list, whilst still delivering on the basics too; capturing emails, instant messages, mobile communications, websites and social media posts is table stakes. Insight adds a layer of surveillance across these communication channels that ensures firms are audit ready at moments notice.”

“With the SEC’s new marketing rule and large fines around mobile communications, we have entered a more stringent phase of regulation, one in which digital conduct has come to the forefront of regulators’ minds.”

“From native platform display and fully threaded messaging to a clean, modern aesthetic and uncomplicated user experience, we have built a platform to handle the compliance challenges of today. Crucially, our platform will evolve alongside those challenges as digital demands intensify.”

For more information about MirrorWeb Insight, visit or follow ‘MirrorWeb’ on LinkedIn.

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