Financial Services

MirrorWeb has been successfully deployed to hundreds of financial services firms. Find out more with our great reads below.

The Compliance Implications of a Remote/Hybrid Workforce in Financial Services

A look at how JP Morgan’s $200 million fine for noncompliance signifies the end of a grace period for companies to adapt to the shift to a remote/hybrid workforce.

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How can Software Help You Archive Digital Communications?

Companies can use archiving software to store texts, emails, and other communications, to remain compliant and minimise liability.

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Is Your Company Compliant with the SEC's Email Retention Policy?

Email archiving has become an essential business function in the financial services industry.

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SEC and FINRA Email Archiving Policy

Financial services companies must archive emails to remain compliant with SEC and FINRA rules.

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Social Media Influencers and Customer Acquisition

FINRA reviews their rules around social media influencers and customer acquisition - we can’t say they didn’t warn us.

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