Archiving Websites and Social Media

Website Archiving

Your website

All websites have a purpose whether it’s to inform and educate or promote and sell. They come in many different shapes and sizes and use a range of technologies. The complexity of these websites makes it hard to control content and even harder to keep records of the day to day changes.

Remain compliant

FCA Guidance and MIFID-II is clear; you have an obligation to record all communications.

  • Mandatory retention of all e-communications.
  • Store e-communications for a minimum of 5-years.
  • Records must be stored in a medium so that they cannot be changed or deleted and must be available on demand.

Daily archives of your website

Our service will take a daily copy of your website, SHA it to prove its validity and store it in an instant replay portal. Our search tools make it easy to find an archive from any point in time.

Social Media Archiving

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc

Communication for financial services is changing fast. Consumers use social media to learn about new products and services.

Compliance is critical

The rules give your teams the confidence to communicate anytime and anywhere. It is your responsibility to make sure that all social media activity meets current regulations. Being able to prove you followed the rules may be key.

We record everything

Social media archiving captures everything, even if it gets deleted by the user. The archives we create will help you deal with any claims or complaints.

Content Watcher

Selling through partners

Your partner network gives you access to a much larger number of consumers. This strategy is driving revenues higher but also brings with it certain challenges.

Controlling 3rd party website content

If you sell your products through partners, then you may be responsible for the content that appears on their websites. Controlling this content can be hard and may need an approvals process and auditing often.

Automatic alerts when content changes

Our service will automatically check any specified content on any website. It will let you know if anything changes at any time. You will be able to control all approved content on all partner websites. Don’t risk your approved content becoming non-compliant.

MirrorWeb Dashboard

Instant Replay of your website and social media archives

The MirrorWeb management portal gives you control of your website and social media archives. You can instantly replay any archived website from any point in time. You are able to use the website exactly as a visitor would have. The social media archive records everything in near real time. You can search posts for things like date, keyword, user or account.

Functionality Control

Controlling the Content Watcher is easy in the management portal. You can specify what needs to be monitored, how often and even control the notifications process.

UK Support Teams

If you need support at any time our UK based support staff are on hand to help with any questions or queries you have.

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