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The FCA's New Consumer Duty: The Role of Data Archiving

The FCA's new Consumer Duty comes into force in 2023, and the deadline for businesses’ implementation plans was October 31st 2022. Read on to find out what steps you can take to ensure you’re compliant.

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RegTech: Three Increasingly Regulated Industries

The regulatory technology (RegTech) sector is now growing at a pace of 19.5% annually. We take a look at three other industries (besides financial services) which are becoming increasingly regulated as time passes.

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Unpacking President Biden's Crypto Executive Order

An analysis of the Executive Order on digital assets, its implementation process, and what it means from the perspective of regulatory compliance.

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Shifting Goalposts - The Many Challenges of a Chief Compliance Officer

A compliance officer’s role, its evolution, the multitude of challenges which CCOs contend with on a daily basis, and how a role so notoriously demanding can be made more manageable.

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How Regulators are Tackling the 'Wild West' of Cryptocurrency

As cryptocurrency continues to surge in popularity, it has found itself in regulators' crosshairs globally.

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What Are The SEC Recordkeeping Rules for Investment Advisors?

The SEC lays out specific recordkeeping rules for investment advisor to follow, or else face significant fines and penalties.

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