The archiving and surveillance platform designed for modern communications

MirrorWeb Insight is the archiving and surveillance platform built for modern workplaces. From WhatsApp to websites, be audit-ready at a moment's notice with MirrorWeb.

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You need a compliance monitoring and surveillance platform that's built for modern communications. That’s why we built MirrorWeb Insight. Our platform is designed to ease the burden that comes with compliance oversight requirements, giving you all the tools you need to efficiently achieve your compliance goals.

  • Modern platform

    We often hear that most archiving platforms need a little TLC, so we focused on a clean aesthetic and uncomplicated user experience. MirrorWeb Insight has been built from the ground up to deal with the compliance challenges of today, not the compliance challenges of 20 years ago.

  • Clever threading

    Context is everything. Showing fully threaded messages across group chats has become increasingly difficult as platforms have evolved. We were determined to provide this capability, so that each interaction can be properly evaluated.

  • Native capture

    Frustration has intensified around messages not being displayed in their native format for certain platforms. This makes reviews confusing and time-consuming, and so wasn’t acceptable for MirrorWeb Insight. Instead, our platform displays content as close to its original format as possible, giving you as much context as possible as part of your review process.

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"With the SEC’s new marketing rule, recent changes to FINRA 17a-4, plus large fines around mobile communications, we have entered a more stringent phase of regulation, one in which digital conduct has come to the forefront of regulators’ minds."

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