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Flagged Messages

Flagged messages in communications compliance are communications, such as emails or electronic messages, that have been marked or flagged for special attention due to concerns about their content, security, or compliance with organizational policies and regulatory requirements. Flagging is a method to identify and prioritize messages that require further review, investigation, or action.

More about Flagged Messages:

Flagged messages in communications compliance refer to specific communications, such as emails or electronic messages, that are singled out for special attention within an organization. These messages are marked or flagged because they raise concerns regarding their content, potential compliance violations, security issues, or other reasons that warrant additional scrutiny.

Flagged messages are significant within the context of communications compliance because they serve several crucial purposes. Firms often use flagging for review prioritization, allowing organizations to quickly analyse specific forms of communications. Messages that are flagged are considered higher risk or of particular interest and are subject to closer examination.

Firms will often use policies such as lexicon policies in order to flag messages. Messages flagged by policy may contain keywords or patterns that indicate possible compliance violations, such as discussions related to insider trading in the financial sector.

Flagged messages proactively identify and address compliance risks, enhance security, and support investigations, helping organizations maintain compliance, reduce risks, and safeguard their reputation.


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