Get Compliant With MiFID II, Article 16

Get Your Free Archive from MirrorWeb and Ensure Your Electronic Communications Are Fully Compliant

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One aspect of the newly implemented MiFID II regulations is the requirement to record all electronic communications to remain compliant.

This has firms asking:

  • "Can we prove what was said, when and by whom?"
  • "Are we in control of our electronic communications?"
  • "Do we archive all electronic communications?"

If the answer to any of these are "no" then MirrorWeb can help. We'll provide you with a free trial archive of your company website and show how our archiving service will help your firm's compliance with MiFID II, Article 16.

What's Covered Under Electronic Communications?

  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Social Media (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • RSS Feeds
  • SMS/MMS and Chat
  • Instant Message

How Can MirrorWeb Help?

  • Archives are time-stamped, hashed and stored in the ISO WARC standard
  • You control your archives and can replay social media content any time you want
  • You can search and compare reports against your web content
  • Archives are done automatically according to the frequency and schedule you want
  • MirrorWeb provide eDiscovery support to make all archived content available to eDisovery professionals and litigators
  • MirrorWeb provide a cloud native service so you don't have to pay for infrastructure costs

So how does a trial archive work?

Fill in your details on the form and tell us the company's website URL and Twitter username (if you have one) that you'd like us to create an archive for.

Once you've submitted your details we'll get straight to work in creating your archive for you, which you will be able to view in our portal to fully appreciate and experience the extent of what we can offer.


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