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Privileged Address

A privileged address refers to an email address that holds special importance within an organization. It typically belongs to high-ranking individuals or legal teams, requiring extra protection to ensure sensitive information is handled securely.

More about Privileged Addresses:

A privileged address is a crucial concept for safeguarding sensitive information. It refers to email addresses or electronic message destinations that are deemed privileged or high-risk due to their association with senior executives, key decision-makers, or critical systems within an organization. These addresses often handle confidential or sensitive information, meaning that you must handle them carefully when considering your compliance posture.

To ensure the security and compliance of privileged addresses, organizations typically implement stringent monitoring, access controls, and data loss prevention measures, both inside and outside their communications surveillance platform.

Managing long lists of privileged and marketing addresses can be a pain. Identifying content that should be redacted, or pesky marketing content that is cluttering up your review process, can often be convoluted.

To see how you can use MirrorWeb Insight to manage your privileged and marketing addresses, check out our video below:


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