Web Archiving

Archive your website, blogs, YouTube, Vimeo, and RSS feeds.

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Archive just a single page or a whole website as often as you need.


Archive blogs as they are published to ensure you have a copy of everything.


Create a permanent record of all the videos you publish to your channel.


An immutable record of all the feeds your company uses.

Archiving the Web is now a necessity in the financil services industry. A high-quality web archive will enable you to go back in time to see what your website looked like, how it change and when.

This web archive will help you prepare for and protect against a litigation event with e-discovery, comply with regulatory obligations or simply create an immutable, historical record of the changes to your company website over time.

Key Features

ISO28500 Standard WARC Files (WORM)

All archives are time stamped, hashed and stored in the ISO standard WARC file format.

Live Replay

The client portal gives you control of your archives and enables you to replay any social media platforms content at any time.

Search and Page Comparison Reports

Full text search across your entire archive and daily digest/comparison reports on all web content.

SaaS Solution

A cloud native service means no infrastructure costs, we can have you set up and running very quickly.

Automatic Archiving

You control the frequency and the schedule.

eDiscovery Support

All archived material can be made available to eDiscovery professionals and litigators. You can also generate a unique URL to enable 3rd parties to investigate the archive.

Off-site relevant content

We capture relevant content on 3rd party websites that your website links to.

SHA1 Signatures

Each individual archived file is signed with a SHA1 digital signature to produce a non-refutable record from a specified date.

Archived Web Pages are preserved and rendered in your browser with their original look and feel. Interactive elements remain functional and links between pages are preserved, pointing to the destination Web page or document as it existed.

Each archived page is time-stamped and stored, unaltered, in its original format. Web content can be retained for the duration of your compliance or other business needs.

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