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Go Behind the Scenes at the UK Government Web Archive Project

Watch our exclusive interview with John Sheridan, Digital Director of The National Archives, and find out how we archive all UK government web and social media communications.

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More About this Interview

As Digital Director of The National Archives, John Sheridan oversees the archives’ drive to become a world-leading digital destination for historians, researchers and members of the public looking for records of government web and social media communications online. Prior to this role, he led the team that created the website and is a recognised expert on open data and web standards.

In this video, Sheridan explains how The National Archives - in partnership with MirrorWeb - has harnessed cloud technologies to revolutionise its web and social media archiving provision with the introduction of full-text search, new methods for harvesting and crawling content, and new methods to make content available online. Curious to see what we did? You can take a look at the live public archive right here!

What I've been most impressed with MirrorWeb is their creative use of cloud computing technologies.

For example, to index the entirety of our 120TB collection by spinning 1000 node plus cluster of computers to process that collection in just a couple of days, and to see that effective use of cloud computing, has been hugely impressive.

John Sheridan, Digital Director of The National Archives

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