Find out about the Challenges and Future of Digital Preservation

Watch our webinar with the DPC (Digital Preservation Coalition) to find out what we learned from our project for The National Archives and the challenges and future of digital preservation.

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More About this Webinar

MirrorWeb were invited to the first Digital Preservation Futures webinar by the DPC to share our insights about our project for The National Archives and how this helped us improve our understanding of what customers are looking for from digital preservation.

In this webinar, Phil Clegg and Phil Ogden from MirrorWeb are joined by Tom Storrar at The National Archives to discuss web archiving requirements, engaging with the solution and the future of digital preservation, before answering burning questions from members of the DPC.

Data, access and storage - these things get really big. We're currently storing half a petabyte of data for The National Archives and our other customers, and that's growing daily.

The cloud gives us the ability to scale, which we wouldn't have had in the traditional data centre model. In the past, storing a petabyte of data in a data centre would be very expensive.

Phil Clegg, Chief Technical Officer of MirrorWeb

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