Preserve and protect by archiving your digital legacy.

With the door wide open for trademark infringement and regulatory crackdowns, brands are archiving digital content and assets to ensure long-term preservation.

“MirrorWeb is helping us preserve the Jameson Irish Whiskey digital presence. Together, we’re ensuring that Jameson’s digital heritage is never lost and that our next generation of marketers can use the archives as a source of inspiration.”

Jean-William Cousin, Head of Marketing and Sales Solutions, Irish Distillers


Brands are failing to preserve digital assets and information for the future.


Iconic brands are recognising that their digital content and brand assets are at risk of disappearing forever. Poor information governance has led to link rot, storage degradation, and data obsolescence, costing them not only their digital legacy but potentially damaging future customer and employee experiences. As important digital content is lost, the door is wide open for trademark infringement and regulatory crackdowns, costing brands billions of dollars globally.

Preserve your digital assets and information for the future


A platform that captures, preserves and replays web-based content.


Today's brands publish huge volumes of digital content every day to drive consumer activity, however, content publishers can move, alter, or delete pages and digital publications in an instant. These 'broken' sources not only expose content that's forever lost but now exist to serve poor user experiences for customers. Digital content that's been removed also has the capacity to weaken competitive intelligence, business cases and research due to the absence of any supporting data. The MirrorWeb Platform helps firms to answer these challenges through archiving.

The MirrorWeb Platform - Dashboard


The MirrorWeb Platform - Web Archive List


Website Archiving

Web archiving is helping brands ensure all of their web-based content is protect and preserved for the future. 

The MirrorWeb Platform archives your websites to ensure digital content is never lost, capturing web records that are both immutable and legally admissible.
All archives are replayable, allowing you to revisit a website exactly as it appeared on a specific date - ensuring records are accurate in the event of a customer complaint or regulatory investigation.

The MirrorWeb Platform - Social Accounts


Social Media Archiving

Capturing records of social media content can be fraught with difficulties. The content is often held in a variety of complicated, interactive and non-standardised formats on different platforms.

Our social archiving solution creates legally admissible records of all your social media communications, ensuring your digital content is available to replay at any time.

Ready to see the platform?

Ready to see the MirrorWeb Platform?


The MirrorWeb Platform is helping iconic brands ensure their digital assets and content are never lost. Our archives deliver pixel-perfect accuracy, ensuring records are of evidentiary quality for trademark infringement cases or complaint resolution.

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eGuide: How To Protect Your At-Risk Digital Content

Keeping a record of web and social media content is critical for long-term preservation and business success. Download our guide and find out how to capture, protect and future-proof this data.


Explore the key features of our platform.

ISO-Certified & Time-Stamped Archives
ISO-Certified & Time-Stamped Archives

Every archived file is time-stamped, immutable and stored in an ISO-compliant format to ensure authenticity and legal acceptance.

Automated Archiving
Automated Archiving

You define the frequency. Daily, weekly or monthly crawls for your website and social media channels.

Replay Your Websites
Replay Your Websites

Our crawl tech beats the rest. Replay your websites and social media channels with full pixel-for-pixel accuracy. 

Download Your Archives
Download Your Archives

All of your archives are available as a downloadable PNG or PDF to support your record-keeping processes.

A Single Searchable Archive
A Single Searchable Archive

All digital assets are fully indexed and searchable in the platform, making it easier than ever to find online records and content.

Cloud Solution
Cloud Solution

Our cloud-based platform is light touch, requiring no infrastructure costs or extra resource burdens on customers.

Content Comparison
Content Comparison

Identify specific content in your archive and review changes with our content comparison tool.

eDiscovery Support
eDiscovery Support

All archived website content can be made available to eDiscovery professionals, litigators and other third parties for investigative purposes.

Data Sovereignty
Data Sovereignty

Stay in total control of your data by choosing where it's archived, ensuring full compliance with ISO standards.

Our platform is used and trusted by organisations globally

BBC & Pernod Ricard
Zurich & Tesco Bank
Cardiff University & Westminster University