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How would you prove your marketing was compliant?

Capture legally admissible records of your online content to improve digital conduct and prove promotions were clear, fair and not misleading.



“The MirrorWeb Platform gives us retrievable records that can be used in the event of a regulatory investigation or customer complaint. High fidelity web and social archives are key to proving we’re compliant.”

Digital Solutions Lead, Global Asset Management Firm


Capturing accurate records of marketing communications.


Asset managers are bound by strict record-keeping rules from the FCA, FINRA and the SEC, requiring them to capture accurate records of digital marketing content. With an increasing amount of digital content being created and served across multiple channels, firms have the challenge of capturing accurate records of their website brochureware, documentation, fund prices and social media.

MirrorWeb - Records that firms need to retain



A platform that captures immutable records of web and social media content.


The MirrorWeb Platform archives your online marketing communications to ensure you're audit-ready at any moment. We're able to automate the entire archiving process, storing records of your digital content in a single archive you can access and replay at any time - it's the reason we're trusted by the UK Government and asset managers globally.


Archive your brochureware


1. Archive Brochureware

The MirrorWeb Platform is capable of capturing and archiving complex websites with full accuracy. Once archived, firms have access to web records that are fully searchable and replayable at any time. All archives are retained in an ISO, WORM compliant format, making them tamperproof and legally admissible.

Documentation archiving


2. Documentation archiving

Our platform is capable of capturing all of your website documentation including KIIDs, prospectuses, factsheets, annual reports, and more. This enables firms to demonstrate exactly what was published to new or existing investors at a specific point in time.

Fund price archiving


3. Fund price archiving

The financial services industry is bound by rules to ensure customers are treated fairly, therefore, key information that's communicated such as fund prices must be recorded and preserved.

These digital records are then available to evidence exactly what an investor saw and purchased at a specific point in time. Our archiving technology is capable of capturing fund information, ensuring your records are accurate and retrievable at all times.

Financial promotions archiving


4. Financial Promotions Archiving

Many asset managers utilise blogs and social media channels to promote products and services to customers. They may also communicate through alternative channels such as third party resellers and intermediaries. Archiving all of these promotions is critical to ensure records are accurate and that regulatory requirements are answered.

Through the MirrorWeb Platform, we're able to archive all of your social media channels along with any online financial promotions you're communicating across the web.

Ready to see the platform?

Ready to see the MirrorWeb Platform?


The MirrorWeb Platform is helping asset management firms ensure record-keeping and financial promotion requirements are taken care of whilst improving digital conduct at the same time! Our archiving technology delivers compliance confidence, so you can focus on what truly matters - your customers.

To learn more about how our platform can benefit you, simply click below to request your demo!


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Explore the key features of our platform.

ISO-Certified & WORM Compliant Archives
ISO-Certified & WORM Compliant Archives

Every archived file is time-stamped, immutable and stored in an ISO-compliant format to ensure authenticity and legal acceptance.

Automated Archiving
Automated Archiving

You define the frequency. Daily, weekly or monthly crawls for your website and social media channels.

Replay Your Websites
Replay Your Websites

Our crawl tech beats the rest. Replay your websites and social media channels with full pixel-for-pixel accuracy. 

Download Your Archives
Download Your Archives

All of your archives are available as a downloadable PNG or PDF to support your record-keeping processes.

A Single Searchable Archive
A Single Searchable Archive

All digital assets are fully indexed and searchable in the platform, making it easier than ever to find online records and content.

Cloud RegTech Solution
Cloud RegTech Solution

Our cloud-based platform is light touch, requiring no infrastructure costs or extra resource burdens on customers.

Content Comparison
Content Comparison

Identify specific content in your archive and review changes with our content comparison tool.

eDiscovery Support
eDiscovery Support

All archived web and social content can be made available to eDiscovery professionals, litigators and other third parties for investigative purposes.

Data Sovereignty
Data Sovereignty

Stay in total control of your data by choosing where it's archived, ensuring full compliance with ISO standards.

Our platform is used and trusted by leading firms

The National Archives and UK Parliament
Bank of England and Liontrust
Zurich & Tesco Bank