Capturing User Journeys

Our investment banking customer used the data sandboxed within its web and social media archives and applied AI methodology to track user journeys and increase personalisation for web page optimisation and enhanced user conversion.

Monitoring Third Party Platforms

Their global network of third party brokers and intermediaries list key product data in real time - with financial compliance hinging on the ability to monitor and flag any content that may be deemed delinquent, and then hash multiple file formats in ISO certified WARC files that satisfy any regulatory audit.

Improving Compliance

To ensure compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), they employed several full-time staff to monitor their own website, third party websites and social media content manually. This was replaced by archiving, providing significant savings with vastly improved performance and accuracy.

Customer Profile

One of the UK’s largest global investment partnerships, providing management and advice in specialist equity, fixed income and multi-asset portfolios for a global client base.


The Challenge

MirrorWeb was tasked with creating an archive of the financial services organisation’s website and social media data to meet compliance obligations. This led to a combination of the archiving provision with automated content analytics with lexicon search that extends to third party reseller website content monitoring.

The Solution


Using MirrorWeb’s innovative platform, our financial services customer is able to create a permanent ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified archive in the time-stamped ISO28500 standard WARC file (WORM) format. Each individual archived file is signed with an SHA1 digital signature and provides an unalterable record of all digital communications, meeting compliance obligations and ensuring information of commercial, cultural or historical value is never lost.

The dynamic and scalable web archiving solution captures and archives their website content seamlessly, providing searchable, long-term and unalterable access to research, records and data. While social media archiving occurs in near real-time and provides insights into brand perception, searchable customer engagement and legally accepted historical records for managing compliance.

During the development of the core digital archiving service required for regulatory compliance, MirrorWeb and the client also undertook a scoping exercise where the need to capture and monitor the client’s product offering and terms & conditions was highlighted as a major concern.

The client had employed several people to monitor, screen grab and store this regulatory requirement by PDF - but this was labour intensive, open to human error and not a comprehensive solution (although it did meet current compliance guidelines). As one of the world’s largest investment banks, the client was not satisfied with their current provision and asked MirrorWeb for a technological solution.

This called for MirrorWeb’s ‘Content Watcher’ which has content crawlers that are unlimited in the depth and hops for related content and provides lexicon search to automate specific monitoring of sensitive content. This is presented in a bespoke reporting suite with exception reporting overlaid to flag any changes or discrepancies in approved content.

Their Service Delivery Manager commented: “The MirrorWeb platform has revolutionised the business’ capability.”


The Benefit


The bank was able to reduce headcount and increase accuracy of data integrity almost instantly. The service provided by MirrorWeb archives websites and social media at scale, surpassing the current FCA guidelines, as well as indexing for search and big data initiatives.

Together, MirrorWeb and our financial services client are also looking at AI derived initiatives to use the sandboxed data contained within the archives to map customer buying journeys, by taking snapshots of the responsive dynamic content generated for individual users.

This collaboration will potentially revolutionise the overall financial services compliance solutions, and has started to unlock the the depth of data and the true potential of the digital archive.

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