Preserving Our Digital Heritage

We capture and maintain copies of the Bank of England’s website dating back to 2004.

Part of a 150TB Web Archive

The Bank of England is part of the UK Government Web Archive, which contains billions of documents reaching over 150TB.

Fast, Secure and Compliant

All data is stored on AWS S3 for a 99.999999999% SLA. MirrorWeb is certified to ISO9001 and ISO27001.

Founded in 1694 and nationalised in 1946, the Bank of England has been one of the UK’s most important financial institutions for over three centuries. It describes its mission as “to promote the good of the people by maintaining monetary and financial stability”.

As a government-owned institution, the central bank is also an important part of the National Archives’ UK Government Web Archive (UKGWA) project. This involves the capture, storage and preservation of all government web and social media communications so generations to come can easily access historic records and learn more about our shared digital history.

Following a comprehensive user research project undertaken in 2015, the National Archives awarded the contract to manage the UKGWA to MirrorWeb - a cutting-edge digital archiving and big data provider based in Manchester and partnered with AWS. Objectives included moving the service to the cloud, introducing more powerful search functionality and state-of-the-art technology to capture websites, and general improvements to speed and reliability.

The Bank of England

MirrorWeb’s UKGWA and Bank of England web archive went live in 2017, and encompass over 2,000 websites and billions of documents - amounting to more than 150TB of web and social media data.

All of this is stored in AWS S3 and built on a distributed server infrastructure across multiple availability zones for the highest possible speed and stability, including a 99.99999999% uptime SLA. The archive - which includes copies of the central bank’s website dating back to 2004 - is also indexed to offer full search capabilities using Elasticsearch, which returns enriched results drawn from all UKGWA datasets.

MirrorWeb also ensures the National Archives’ data is secure, with encryption in transit and at rest and certification to ISO9001 and ISO27001. We also believe UK government data should be stored in UK mainland facilities controlled by UK companies, so we work with our partners to ensure the UKGWA and Bank of England web archive are hosted in UK data centres that are CESG approved and connected to the PSN.

Now, copies of the Bank of England’s website are always available to historians, researchers and other interested parties who want to study how the institution has evolved in the digital age - and they can do so with greater speed and reliability than ever before.


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