Website Archiving

There are many reasons an organisation should archive its website but in all cases you must ensure your archive is complete, secure and legally admissible.

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What is Website Archiving?

Website Archiving is the only way of preserving your website in a form that enables it to be used as it was at any given point in time.

Website archiving is the process of taking a verifiably authentic copy of a website and storing it in an ISO compliant format. You don’t need to do anything to enable us to make the daily copies. We do not require access to your web servers or company networks.

We will keep the copies of your website for as long as you need us to. We also make the archives of your website instantly available through the management portal.

Website Archiving Features

Automatic Archiving

Our crawling technology takes a snapshot of your website and all its pages. You control the frequency.


Every archived file is timestamped upon retrieval with ANSI x9.95 compliant timestamp.

Live Replay

The client portal gives you control of your archives and enabes you to replay any version of your website.

eDiscovery Support

All archived files can be made available to eDiscovery professionals and litigators through the client portal.

SaaS Solution

The service is cloud-based, so you have no infrastructure costs. We can have you up and running within an hour.

SHA1 Signatures

Each individual archived file is signed with a SHA1 digital signature to produce non-refutable records from a specified date.

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Our technology automates the website archiving process.

The MirrorWeb technology will archive your website on an agreed schedule, not just a weekly or monthly snapshot.

Our solution lets you view and replay the archived websites exactly as they were presented online at any given point in time. This includes virtually any type of web content, including pages, links, blogs, videos, audio, flash content and JavaScript-based features.