Social Media Archiving

Social Media platforms can deliver significant business value but must also be tightly controlled.

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What is Social Media Archiving?

Capture and store every social media interaction in a secure, legally admissible archive.

Social media content is entirely outside of your control. Even if you are able to get hold of the data, there are significant challenges. Social media content is in a variety of complicated, interactive, and non-standardised formats.

Any social media communication can be deleted in an instant. Even if you are careful about protecting your own content, nothing prevents others from deleting important comments or messages. Once deleted, those communications could be lost forever.

Social Media Archiving Features

Complete Archiving

We archive all social media interactions, re-tweets, direct messages, external links, images, meta data and more

Near Real-Time

Near real time archiving through the social media platform API to ensure a complete record is maintained of any and all interactions.

Live Replay

The client portal gives you control of your archives and enables you to replay any social media platforms content at any time.

Time Stamped Archives

Every archived file is timestamped upon retrieval with ANSI x9.95 compliant timestamp.

eDiscovery Support

All archived files can be made available to eDiscovery professionals and litigators through the client portal.

SHA1 Signatures

Each individual archived file is signed with a SHA1 digital signature to produce non-refutable records from a specified date.

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It is your responsibility to ensure that all social media activity is compliant with regulations. Being able to prove compliance may be key.

Like other forms of electronic communication, social media is subject to regulatory compliance requirements.

  • FCA COBS 11 and SYSC 9 require companies to keep adequate records of any and all communications.
  • FCA FG15/4: Social Media & Customer communications (March 2015) advises that firms must ensure they have a solution in place to retain all records of social media communications as per 1.25 and 1.26.
  • In the USA the rules are even more explicit and SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 and FINRA Rule 4510 ensure compliance.
  • MiFID-II is also very clear about the archiving requirements for all electronic communications.