Content Watcher

Powerful monitoring tools give you complete control of your born digital content if anything changes anywhere you’ll know about it straight away.

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Monitor approved content on any website to ensure it remains compliant. If you approve content for your partners, then you need control of this content at all times.

If you use a platform provider to deliver your digital content, you must be proactive in the management of the content as you are responsible to the regulator should the content become non-compliant. The ability to monitor each and every approved content block is critical to companies that are under constant regulatory scrutiny.

If you approve content to be used on third party websites that you do not have direct control of then our solutions give you management oversight of the approved content and immediate notification should the approved content change. Compliance frameworks can be enforced across the business with powerful reporting tools that highlight any and all changes to approved or compliant content.

Content Watcher Features

Automated Monitoring

Monitor born digital content automatically 24/7/365, as soon as something changes you will know about it.

Email Notifications

Notification and identification of the content change with workflow to manage approved content.

Portal Management

All change history is recorded in the customer portal with detailed explanation of the changes that were made and archived page capture technology of before and after.

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If you approve website content, then you must ensure that it remains compliant.

If you are responsible for the content that is used to promote your products and services, compliance is not an option. Especially with such a tough regulator that is not frightened to impose significant sanctions on the non-compliant.

Content Watcher will monitor all approved content and notify you as soon as that content changes. You then have options to approve the revised content or take action with the partner to rectify the non-compliance issue.