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Digital Compliance & Approvals

New and more complex regulations have overwhelmed the financial industry in recent years. Keeping up with these regulations has become an ever-increasing drain on both costs and resources. Digital Compliance & Approvals, however, also provide an opportunity to leverage digital platforms and turn them to your competitive advantage.

MirrorWeb understands the complexity that this often presents across the different digital platforms and is committed to offer a path to compliance that allows organisations to become more efficient and make better business decisions. Our innovative technology is built to facilitate the transformation of existing communication methods to the digital marketplace.

In October 2015 the Consumer Rights Act was enacted and will have an impact on the whole customer journey. Anything said or written to the consumer by financial institutions will be included as a term of the contract, if it is taken into account by the consumer when deciding to enter into the contract; or it is taken into the account by the consumer when making any decision about the services after entering into the contract.


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